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Our Actions

  • We are building a permanent exhibition of all the partners related to transporting cargo and passengers under sail and projects concerning ocean research. Visible, permanent and directly in the port of Amsterdam.

  • Providing solutions and partners for the issues and problems of the sailing cargo projects.

  • Annual meetings with national and international partners. The 1st congress is planned on the 14th of September 2024.

  • Under the header of sustainability we will offer regular events, like seminars, markets and operating science and cargo projects.

  • To participate and explore the hub is possible. The growth and green change are part of the lively sailing harbor area, combined with the highest quality of fair and sailed products to buy and take away directly in the restaurants on site.

  • Our permanent representative (Peggy Engelmann from July 2024 onward) will be working at the hub. Before that she is sailing across the Atlantic for seven months and reachable via emails.

  • Fair Winds Collective will be a non-profit foundation, in order to be neutral and to avoid conflict of interest.

  • We are supporting sailing vessels with the background of our expertise and connections.

  • We are creating right now connections with science, ocean research and as well education programs about plastic pollution and solutions.

We are preparing to present the Fair Winds Collective in 2025 at Sail Amsterdam and participate during the festival with events, seminars and  markets.

Our Needs

  • Partners who identify with sustainability and want to be involved in making a difference for a greener present and future.

  • Annual financial support for our work.

Time Line

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